Thursday, August 9, 2012

Writers Are Stories in Themselves

By Jackie King

Even though I write murder mysteries, just the thought of a haunted house puts shivers down my spine. Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a time when kids entertained themselves by telling ghost stories around a campfire in the dark. Or maybe I’m just a natural born coward. For this reason I have the highest esteem for anyone who cohabits (and cheerfully, too) with ghosts. Being a writer, most of my friends also write, and a couple of them, a mother-daughter team, live in an honest-to-goodness haunted house. They even have a blog where they share ghost stories about their home and other spooky places.

Needless to say, these women are my heroes. (Heroines?)

Let me introduce you to Lynn Somerville and her talented daughter, Katie Somerville, co-authors of SCARY MONDAYS-VOLUME I.

This collection of short stories were first published on their blog,

Lynn and Katie Somerville
This blog features a weekly ghost story guaranteed to make you shiver. I asked Lynn how she came up with so many ideas in this genre, and she said one story came about because of her hearing disability. Read on:

Inspiration for A Black Confession

By Lynn Somerville

As writers we’re often asked where our stories come from. Where do we get the ideas for our tales? And the answer is, anywhere and everywhere. Here’s an example of what I mean. It’s a little embarrassing, but it’s a great illustration–the seed of a story can come from the strangest places.

I wrote a short story called Black Lace, published in my anthology Scary Mondays Volume One. It’s about a widower who’s dead wife is taking possession of him. I got the idea from a song by Soundgarden. Now I’m hearing impaired, so the words I heard Chris Cornell singing was, “I put on black lace.” That conjured in my head the image of a man dressing as his late wife at her direction. Her ghost tells him to wear her favorite black dress and put on make-up just as she did, all so she can live again inside him.

The funny thing is, being hearing impaired, I heard the words of the song incorrectly. Cornell wasn’t singing “I put on black lace.” The lyrics are “I fell on black days.”

Black Lace is one of my favorite short stories and it’s one inspired because I heard the wrong words to a song.

And that’s where stories come from!
Lynn Somerville and Katie Somerville are a mother and daughter writing duo. Lynn writes a weekly blog, Scary Mondays, Follow Lynn on Twitter at or on Facebook at author

When Katie Somerville is not writing about zombies and ghosts, she plays bass and guitar and sings lead vocals. She is a college freshman and loves to bake. Both Lynn and Katie live in Oklahoma.
I’ll bet you’re as impressed with these brave gals as I am.



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Jean Henry Mead said...

What a great story, Jackie. I haven't read about or met writers who are hearing impaired. Lynn must have a terrific imagination swirling around in her near-silent world. Thanks for bringing her story to us.