Saturday, August 25, 2012


When I was in high school, we considered all classes concerning technology those that boys would take. The boys who cared about such things and understood such things. We girls were grateful that we did not need to concern ourselves with how things worked. I'm sure I was near the top of those females who didn't care about how to make things work. I was really glad that lots of boys cared. We were different. That was one of the things that made us unique. Flash forward to the last few years. Good grief, I've not only had to discover how to tweet and IM and such, I've also needed to learn how to do many more things with my phone besides answer it and hang up. Who knew? Who could have imagined that people would buy water in individual containers instead of just getting it out of the faucet? Who could have known we'd have restaurants that provided just salad or potatoes stuffed with different things? Who could have imagined? I bucked at first, not nearly ready to climb aboard the fast-moving ship that would teach us so much about instant messaging and such. Now that I've climbed aboard, I still often get stuck. Like why can't I just answer my call phone and hang up? Do I really need to know how to text and zoom in for pictures on it? And my gosh, what are the jillion other things it does that I need to learn? I was just starting to figure out myspace--and now I need to tweet and do my thing on Facebook and the newer things? I'm learning...slowly. Just kinda wish I'd been a boy so I would have taken an interest in technology much sooner. Of course now I have grandkids who can teach it all to me. How about you?


June Shaw said...

And I can't figure out why my recent posts show up as one big paragraph when I've separated them into many. Grandkids or others, are you listening? Help!

Jean Henry Mead said...

I hear you, June. I'm sure I would have learned more about the intricacies of the cyber world if I didn't have a husband who does most of it for me. My computer tech book for dummies has been gathering dust for some time. :)