Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Going to the Fair

by Carola Dunn

Thursday and Saturday I'll be signing at the Oregon Authors' booth at our local county fair:

This is one of three annual events where we have a table for local authors. The first of the year, around July 4th weekend, is a celebration in aid of a local art museum. Art and the Vineyard--yes, artists and local wineries. And food and authors and a children's area, and of course fireworks. All in a park by the Willamette River so there's lots of trees and a cool breeze off the water.

And music--I forgot that. In fact, this was their logo this year:

"Wired" by Chris Pontrelli

 Unfortunately, often the music is so loud that talking to prospective readers becomes difficult. When it's quiet enough and there's a dearth of readers, talking to fellow authors is always enjoyable. Not to mention people-watching...

The second event is the County Fair, in August. It has all the usual county fair things--animals, rides, cotton candy (candy floss in UK),  endless pots of jam, etc. and a local authors' table. It's going to be 100 deg.F tomorrow, so I'm very glad we'll be indoors. And well away from the music. It's at the county fair that I often have "regulars" come up to the table, look at my array of books, and say, "Which ones have I read?" Not an easy question to answer!

The third event of the year is--well, kind of complicated. Eugene has a Saturday Market downtown 8 months of the year. It's all handmade goods; you can't have a booth there unless you sell stuff you've made yourself. For several weeks before Christmas, it becomes the Holiday Market and moves indoors at the fairgrounds, as does the Farmers' Market. For one day in early December, we authors have a space there, a big space with lots of authors. That's where I reckon to see all my local author friends, as they're not always scheduled the same time as I am at the other events.

I wondered whether any of you--readers or fellow-writers--have anything similar in your area. If so, readers: Support your local authors! If not, writers might want to try getting something going.

Wish me luck tomorrow!




Jean Henry Mead said...

Best of luck at the fair, Carola. I hope you sell a lot of books.

I'll be signing my own books at the Wyoming State Fair on Saturday, Aug. 18, from noon until 2 p.m. and look forward to seeing fellow writers as well as readers. I just received an email from a long ago acquaintance (23 years since I've seen her), who read in a Nebraska newspaper that I would be signing books, and is driving over. That's one of the best benefits of writing.:)

Carola Dunn said...

Oregon state fair requires you to be there all 12 days, up to 11 hours a day. Not me!! I think I'd rather go bankrupt.
100 deg. forecast but inside the bldg where we were it was chilly--will take socks and sweater tomorrow. Also to signing on the coast--last year so windy we were all holding down the awnings the bookstore provided to keep the sun off us!
Didn't do too badly yesterday, considering that crowds were pretty thin--put off by the temp outside, I think.