Monday, May 14, 2012

Malice Go Round

At the end of April I attended the Malice Domestic Conference in Bethesda. MD. It is a great mystery fan conference focused on the cozy end of the mystery spectrum. One of the highlights was participating in the Malice Go Round, which is billed as speed dating between fans and authors. I teamed up with Cindy Sample, and we each gave a two minute pitch twenty times to fans seated at tables. After we completed one table, we raced to the next table and began again. It’s an excellent way to give a large number of mystery readers an awareness of your mystery novels. Attached is Cindy giving her pitch at one of the tables.

By Mike Befeler

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Jaden Terrell said...

It sounds a little terrifying, Mike. I've done something similar, but there was actually time to sit and chat with the people at each table.