Friday, December 2, 2011

"Mystery We Write" Holiday Virtual Book Tour

by Jean Herny Mead

Earl Staggs wrote about the virtual holiday book tour a few weeks ago and we're currently in the middle of the tour, with great interviews, blog posts about writing including how our 15 mystery writers got their starts and why we write. There are also photos of where we work (our desk, messy or neat), book excerpts, and best of all we're giving away more than 60 mystery novels.

Blog visitors who leave comments at the individual sites are eligible to win novels from Earl Staggs, Tim Hallinan, J. Michael Orenduff, Marilyn Meredith, Anne K. Albert, Beth Anderson, Alice Duncan, John Daniel, M. M. Gornell, Wendy Gager, Jackie King, Jinx Schwartz, Pat Browning, Ron Benrey and me.

I’m giving away 14 Kindle or Nook books—one at each blog site each day--as well as three signed print copies of my Logan & Cassidy series novels at the conclusion of the tour. I would love to be eligible to win some of the great books offered by my fellow tour writers.

My tour schedule is listed at: "Mystery We Write" Holiday Tour along with links to all the other blog sites. There's also a slideshow of all our books on the site, created by our tour coordinator Anne K. Albert.

I’m appearing at Pat Browning's site today, talking about the unusual ways I've researched my books.

We wish you the happiest of holidays and hope to see you along the tour.


Anonymous said...

If I were in Wyoming, Jean, I'd come! Have a super day.

Jean Henry Mead said...

Thanks, Anne. The snow's so deep that I'm not sure we'll get off the mountain in time for the book signing tomorrow, but I have my fingers crossed.