Sunday, March 18, 2012

Researching Mysteries

by Susan Santangelo Greetings from sunny Cape Cod, where spring is making an early, welcome appearance. I'm taking a giant leap this week and starting at the Citizens Police Academy sponsored by the Dennis (MA) Police Department. I've decided that, if I'm going to continue on this new career path, I should learn more about how our local police actually do their job. I'm pretty excited! The course is once a week until mid-May. Session One, the basic introduction, will cover the role of the police, community policing, and a tour of the police station. Lots more in-depth things as the course continues, including a firearms demonstration at the local police range where we'll have the opportunity to shoot a gun. Not sure if I want to do that, but we'll see. Graduation is May 17, when we get an official Certificate. I hope I don't flunk out! Has anyone else every taken a course like this? I'm curious to know if this helped with your writing.

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Chester Campbell said...

I attended the Metro Nashville Citizens Police Academy last year and picked up lots of valuable info. I was working on a book at the time and asked questions germane to my writing. By all means shoot the guns. Get a feel for what firing a weapon is like.