Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our Growing Popularity Merits Some Hornblowing

By Chester Campbell

I was out of town the past couple of days and am getting to this a bit late. I thought it would be enlightening, though, to blow our horn a bit. With our great lineup of talent, Murderous Musings has been packing in the readers. While most people decline to comment on blogs, they're definitely out there looking.

We use a program caller Statcounter to keep track of who visits us each day, and the recent results have been outstanding. Looking back at last month, February being the shortest, here are the results:

Total Page Loads (number of times the page was visited): 11,131
Unique Visitors: 7,499
First Time Visits: 7,216

The average day's results were 384 page loads, 259 unique visitors, and 249 first time visits.

The month's biggest day was Monday, February 27. Due to a slight mixup, we had a double feature that day, Mike Befeler's interview with mystery author Robert Spiller, and Ben Small's piece on Range Day Lessons. The record for that day was:

Page Loads - 514
Unique Visitors - 342
First Time Visits - 319.

Thanks to all our visitors who are heating up the blogosphere for Murderous Musings. We hope you'll keep returning for more interesting thoughts by our great group of mystery writers.


Jen Blood said...

Congrats! As one of your many anonymous readers, I'll take this opportunity to thank you for the stellar content from a cast of truly talented writers. You're all doing a wonderful job - Murderous Musings is definitely a blog I check in with regularly, and never find lacking!

Jaden Terrell said...

Chester, thanks to you and all the other talented folks who keep this show rolling. I feel blessed to be in such good company.

Bill Kirton said...

I second Beth's comment. And it's great to hear that the visitors keep coming. Congrats to all.

Unknown said...