Monday, June 25, 2012

Police Role Playing

This week I participated in another police role playing scenario. The situation: a "simulated" bomb went off at a local high school. People in the parking lot were “injured”:

Injuries were color coded. Red for critical, yellow for severe and green for minor. I played the role of a critically injured person, lying on the grass. I only moaned. Severe couldn’t move but could call out for help. People with minor injuries were still mobile. The police arrived, cleared the scene and then removed us to a place where the EMTs could treat us. 

In a second part of the scenario, we moved inside, and I lay in the hallway until the police cleared the building and carried us outside. Here’s how I looked with the fake blood:

The scenario ended with the police taking down  a shooter who held a hostage. This type of training helps the police prepare for active shooter situations. As a mystery author, it helps me better understand police procedures.

Mike Befeler


Patricia Gligor's Writers Forum said...

What a fantastic idea! I'll bet that, in addition to being educational, it was a lot of fun. Good thing the paintball "blood" will wash out. :)

Mark W. Danielson said...

My daughter's training to be an EMT in Denver so I'm getting a lot of feedback. For her, the more severe the injuries, the better. Nice that she can detach herself from the human side to take care of the wounded. Personally, I prefer seeing your fake blood.

Jaden Terrell said...

Me too, Mark. I can't stand to see the real stuff. It makes me woozy. But the simulation sounds like terrific fun. And educational, too.

Are any of you planning to go to Lee Lofland's Writer's Police Academy? It's an information-packed weekend on all things law enforcement, but geared toward writers.