Wednesday, June 6, 2012

E-book Daisy

by Carola Dunn

I am exceedingly happy to announce that at long last all my Daisy Dalrymple mysteries are available for Kindle and Nook (using the original hardcover art--not necessarily a good idea!).

 The first four recently joined the fifth through twentieth.

They were delayed partly because I changed agents halfway through the series and my former agent no longer agents; partly because back when I wrote them St Martin's wasn't interested in what were called "computer" rights.

Their legal department first had to figure out what to do about it. Then the two agents had to come to an agreement--not difficult--as to who was "agent of record." Countless papers (in sextuplet) had to be sent back and forth and signed by all concerned. That really slowed everything down. Then the publisher had to decide what they were willing to pay for the e-rights. 

It's all sorted at last. You can find these four and all the other titles at:


(Click on my name at the top to go to my website and see a list in the proper order.)


June Shaw said...

I'm so happy to know all of your books are e-books now! I'm reading more on my Kindle and will definitely start nabbing them. Thanks!

Carola Dunn said...

It's been very irritating having the first 4 missing. Many people won't read the series unless they can start at the beginning. So I'm happy!

Jaden Terrell said...

Congratulations, Carola. May you gain many more fans as a result of having the whole series available.