Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On writing more than one series

by Carola Dunn

"Finished A Colourful Death and found it so different from Daisy that I am not sure I liked it - if that makes any sense.  As usual your ability to describe things, places, people is outstanding.  You sure do know how to write a good book."

I received this comment from a longtime friend and reader, who used--like me--to write Regencies. She's referring to the second book in my Cornish Mystery series.

 [Speaking--as June was-- of different art on different editions! The large print on the right is far more like a Cornish village]

  When I started a new series, I was nervous that I'd get a lot of that sort of reaction. I have many readers who love Daisy Dalrymple and/or love the 1920s, her period (or both). The Cornish mysteries are set around 1970, too close to the present to have the same charisma. Eleanor Trewynn, the series' accidental sleuth, is a widow in her 60s who spent her life working all over the world before retiring to Cornwall, whereas Daisy is 20-something with her life before her. Yes, they're very different characters--but when I first proposed to start a new series, it was because I wanted a change.

To be honest, I also wanted to create a character nearer to my own age!

I didn't expect my editor to buy the new idea and want me to continue with Daisy.

 I suspect the Cornish books will never be as popular as Daisy, though it's hard to tell yet, with 20 Daisy books published and the third Cornish mystery not yet out.

............................................ be continued--just got page proofs of The Valley of the Shadow to correct...................


Jackie King said...

I love the idea of this protagonist! I will certainly buy any books featuring her.

Mark W. Danielson said...

For those of us with multiple personalities, writing multiple series seems the perfect solution:)

Carola Dunn said...

Jackie, Manna from Hades, the first, comes out in paperback (trade) in October. A Colourful Death should still be available in hc and will presumably be pb eventually. The third, The Valley of the Shadow comes out in December.
All available as e-books :-)

Carola Dunn said...
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Jaden Terrell said...

The two different series will definitely liven things up. It's nice to have something for the different facets of your personality.