Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Perils of Writing a Book

By June Shaw

I wasn't sure whether to call this post "The Perils of Writing a Book" or -- "The Perils of Cleaning Your House."

Why? you might ask.

Because one morning a month ago I sat at my desk in front of my computer and realized I wanted information from a piece of paper I'd placed on the floor to the right of my chair the evening before. Thus, with a smile, I twisted to the right from my seated position to grab that paper and zing -- excrutiating pain shot from my back and traveled down my left leg to my toes.

I took pain meds and muscle relaxers for two weeks but could still barely stand the pain. During that time, my left foot began to flop.

Eventually I was sent for an MRI, which showed I had a badly herniated disc. That, along with what I discovered was called foot drop in my left foot, made a neurosurgeon immediately schedule me for surgery.

I felt SO much better after the surgery, no pain in that leg and just about no foot drop. I was ordered to lie down for two weeks. Yes, I told him I was a writer and my computer... And he said No - No sitting, just rest.

Monday I went back to him after the two weeks, and he said okay, I could sit. "Go write another book," he told me. Yes!

I'm so far behind with everything but so almost pain free. And I guarantee you that when a sheet of paper falls to the floor, I leave it. (For the next month I need to be cautious and not bend over or lift anything heavy. A fork is just the right weight, I think.) My two grown daughters and my squeeze Bob have taken great care of me, and I would suggest to anyone that it's not good to twist the wrong way or twist and bend. I've been fortunate to live pain free most of my life, so I'm especially grateful.

During my month of pain and then lying down, the third book in my series, DEADLY REUNION, was released as an ebook from all distributors. And Harlequin, who'd bought reprint rights for their Worldwide Mystery division, also released it in paperback this week.

I'm trying to add both covers to show you but can't figure out how, and my brain and back are tired. I hope you'll check them out. And please excuse any errors in this post. I'm not up to proofreading it now. Anyway, I'm learning to avoid any work while I can: )

Best, June


Bill Kirton said...

Glad to hear the surgery worked, June. Back pain can be a really debilitating condition. Congratulations, too, on writing a piece which contained no typos or any need of the proof reading you weren't able to give it - for me that would be a rare event.

June Shaw said...

Thanks, Bill. So glad for no typos and especially, no pain anymore.

Jean Henry Mead said...

I'm sorry about your injury, June, but glad that you're recuperating. I've also been sidelined with a health problem while trying to finish my latest mystery. So I know how frustrating it is. Take good care of yourself!

Carola Dunn said...

I guess I was lucky with my herniated disk--as far as writing was concerned! For a good 6 weeks I was unable to stand or lie straight, but the most comfortable/least uncomfortable position was in my office chair. Even so, it really slowed me down because everything else took much longer to accomplish. I managed to avoid surgery. Glad it seems to have worked for you. Heal quickly :-)

June Shaw said...

Jean, thanks. Hope you're doing better, too.

June Shaw said...

Carola, what made the neurosurgeon want to rush to do surgery was knowing I'd started to have drop foot. That's emergency, he feels, to try to prevent permanent drop foot. I feel SO much better.

June Shaw said...

Jean, thanks. Hope you're doing better, too.