Saturday, November 23, 2013

Being Creative While in Pain

by June Shaw

I know many of you writers know what it's like to try to be creative while you're in pain. Since I wound up with a severly herniated disc six weeks ago, many people keep asking if I'm writing a new book.

This afternoon, for example, I had a badly-needed pedicure. My heels had been snagging my sheets, and my toenails had gotten way too long. Ordinarily I could have taken care of both of these situations myself--use that heel thingie for my heels and trim my nails.

The problem--since I had surgery four weeks ago, the neurosurgeon had me lie down for two weeks. Since then, I can't lift anything heavy or bend over. The hole in my disc needs time to heal. I surely wouldn't trust disturbing that process with trying to reach my feet.

"Ah, so you had surgery on your back since I saw you," the young gent who gave me the great pedicure said. "And have you been writing another book?"

Pretty hard to get creative when you're limited or in pain, I've often thought when asked about this. "I've been doing marketing," I normally tell those who ask.
After all, Untreed Reads just put out my mystery series in ebooks that can be ordered by libraries, so I've been letting lots of them know about it. Also, this month Harlequin published my book DEADLY REUNION in paperback, so I'm letting some people know about that.

I've been getting ideas for other works, but really, I'm satisfied to heal for now and be around all these family members I love most.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and if you're in pain, I hope you heal soon. It's nice to just take care of ourselves.


Jean Henry Mead said...

Congrats on the paperback, June.
Writing's the best therapy I know about, if you can stand the pain. Sometimes alternating standing and sitting works for a while. I hope you heal soon.

Mark W. Danielson said...

June, I agree with Jean. Whether one's pain is physical or from holiday stress, the best therapy is being creative. I'm not working right now because of a compression fracture in my lower back so I can relate. Hopefully my problem will be repaired soon, but in the meantime I keep writing and painting as best I can. Feel better soon!