Thursday, March 28, 2013


By Jackie King

I love books. Especially mysteries…all kinds of mysteries. I write cozies, but I read anything that hits my fancy.

The other day I was picking up some books and movies from the library, and as I was walking out, one of Lee Child’s thrillers reached out and grabbed me. The title was WORTH DYING FOR. Now, I’ve meant to read one of Child’s Reacher novels for a very long time, so I added this book to the rest of the stack and checked out.

I often over estimate myself, especially where time is involved and the book came due much quicker than I thought possible. (Two weeks seems like such a long time at the beginning…then passes so quickly.) I was disappointed about not getting to know the famous 6’ 5”, 250 pound hero, and decided to see if I could recheck the book.  I stuck it in my car so I wouldn’t forget.

I wanted to at least get a feel for Child’s writing, so snagged it to take into a doctor’s appointment. I settled in for a long wait (as usual) and opened to page one.

Wow! Once I fell into the pages of WORTH DYING FOR, there was no turning back. The pages turned themselves. I swear it! And for once in my life, the nurse came to fetch me way before I was ready to go into the doctor.


That night was my turn to host our critique group. I read until the first writer arrived, and then threw the book on my coffee table so I could read again as soon as our work session ended. The writer who walked in the door, T.D. Hart, also writes thrillers. She glanced at the book on her way past the coffee table.

“Everyone is reading Lee Child, now,” she said.

“There’s a good reason for that,” I answered. “This book is addictive. It has a riveting plot, fascinating characters and a hero to die for.”

Being both a reader and a writer, she stopped, looked at me quizzically, and waited for more. So I gave her my slant, which was a bit different than most.

“In this book, Reacher reminds me of the old fashioned Saturday afternoon cowboy hero, who rides into town, gets involved in the town’s horrible problem, inspires the terrified townsfolk, solves the dilemma with their help, and then rides off into the sunset.

Of course Reacher isn’t a cowboy, doesn’t have a horse, and in this novel, he hitchhiked both into town and out of town. But WORTH DYING FOR left me with the same satisfied feeling that justice had been done.

If you haven’t read Lee Child, let me assure you, the experience is WORTH DYING FOR.


Jackie King


Jean Henry Mead said...

My husband and I both enjoy Lee Child's novels. Thanks for the good article, Jackie.

Jackie King said...

Hi Jean, Thanks for stopping by. I'm not surprised you like Lee Child. You have a brand new thriller-type historical mystery out yourself. NO ESCAPE: THE SWEETWATER TRAGEDY, set in Wyoming, is suspenseful, too.

Jackie King said...

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Jackie King said...

#2 - Readers: Re: Muderous Musings Mystery Group on Facebook:

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Jean Henry Mead said...

Thank you for the promo, Jackie. The check's in the mail. :-)