Saturday, December 14, 2013

Reading Christmas Books

by June Shaw

It seems that lots of readers enjoy purchasing and reading books that deal with Christmas when it's that time of year. They look for Christmas in the titles. Often a decorated tree on a book's cover and a character wearing a Santa hat are all it takes for a buyer to pluck up a book.

Falling snow entices many to grab a book, although recent blizzards that have swept through the U.S. may have calmed that enducement for now.

Almost any book or story that mentions Christmas or the holidays in the title normally gets at least second glances.

So am I reading or writing a Christmas book?

I'm working on an inspiring nonfiction book called GROW OLDER LIKE THIS that I believe will instill a holiday spirit in most people reaching certain ages. Giving hope and inspiration, I believe, offers the same kind of attitude as a promising holiday season.

I just finished reading a romance and began reading a mystery. Neither has Christmas or the holiday season mentioned in its title, but both make me happy. That--I truly think--is what Christmas offers all of us.

I wish all of you a blessed holiday season--and lots of pleasing books.

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Jean Henry Mead said...

Merry Christmas to you as well, June. The spirit of Christmas brings joy to even the poorest among us. The smiles, colorful lights, gifts under the tree, and promises of better things to come couldn't arrive at a better time of year, especially here in Wyoming, where the windows are rattling and snow coveres the ground (with more on its way). But no matter how cold it gets, the spirit of Christmas warms the soul as well as the body--at lesat this one. It's my favorite time of year.