Sunday, October 7, 2012

50 Plus Shades of Pink!

It's October, with fall foliage galore here in beautiful New England, interspersed with pink pink pink. Yep, it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month -- I'm sure everyone knows that. It's impossible to go anywhere these days without seeing the pink breast ribbon. I'm both a card-carrying member of the breast cancer survivors' sorority and Sisters in Crime, and here in New England, decided to organize an event to promote both. On October 27 SinCNE is sponsoring the first SinC Goes Pink To Fight Breast Cancer -- an author panel and signing in Westport, CT to benefit the Breast Cancer Survival Center, a CT-based non-profit. Tickets are $30 per person, which will benefit BCSC. Five mystery authors will be on the panel, and after the presentations, each will sign and sell their books to the hordes of attendees. No bookstore is involved in this -- all proceeds from any books sold go directly to that author. October 27 is also national Make A Difference Day, and the event is being promoted as part of Westport's annual celebration. It seems like a natural collaboration -- since so many mystery writers, and readers, are women! Wouldn't it be great if this became a national movement?

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Jaden Terrell said...

Susan, thanks for the reminder. It's been nice to see so much pink on the football fields this month. Not that I follow the games, but it warmed my heart to see the players drawing attention to such a worthy cause.