Saturday, September 10, 2011


by June Shaw

She saw they're,their house on the way to her office.

No one was their, there, so she passed/past it.

She decided to stop awhile/a while at a coffee shop.

There/Their she wrote on her next mystery.

She sure drank alot/ a lot of coffee besides/beside eating a chocolate cupcake.

She, along with her book, is/were taking up too/to/two many chairs.

Did you like grammer/grammar/Grandma while in your/you're classes?

Okay, so I taught English/english for twenty years, and now I'm getting to fulfill a lifelong dream--write novels. They're/There/There fun, romantic murder mysteries.

(In case you aren't sure about any of the answers above, please ask. I still have my red pen: )


Carola Dunn said...

She wrote on her mystery? Not a construction I'm familiar with. Or with which I'm familiar, if you prefer. Worked on? Wrote several pages/paragraphs/lines/words of?

Bill Kirton said...

June, it occurs to me that another possible variant nowadays would be 'She decided to stop awhile/a while at a (cough) e-shop.' Isn't English wonderful?