Thursday, April 28, 2016


By Jackie King

There’s a certain creative energy that fills the air and actually permeates the cracks and crevices at Writer Conferences. Speakers vary, technical techniques evolve, markets wax and wane; but the atmosphere is always the same. Pure electricity. I’ve been attending different conferences for a good many years and I always come home physically exhausted (who wants to miss anything?) but mentally refreshed. New ideas seem to spring alive and old ones freshen. Or in plain Okie-speak: I’m again ready to hit that keyboard for another year!

This year I’m planning on attending the Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc., scheduled May 8 and 9 in Oklahoma City.

The keynote speaker will be Steven James, national bestselling author who writes page-turning Thrillers. Suspense Magazine has named James’ book THE BISHOP as their book of the year. This publication claims that James “sets the new standard in suspense writing.” Publishers Weekly calls him a “master storyteller at the peak of his game.” And RT Book Reviews promises, “the nail-biting suspense will rivet you.”
Steven James
Steven James
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If you’re one of those whose heart cries out to put words on paper, accept that you’re one of God’s scribes. I’m not talking about religious writing; I’m talking about telling stories about the world you live in. Honesty is what readers want; but we must remember that my truth may be quite different from your truth, but that's okay. There are a wide variety of readers in the world. Our work will not be everyone’s cup of tea. But we will each find our audience.

The writers at this particular conference are unbelievably generous-hearted. Authors with over 50 published books to their credit will listen to a beginning writer and make helpful suggestions. Publishers and agents are available for appointments, or if you missed that opportunity, you can catch them in the hallways. “Anywhere but the bathroom,” one quipped.

If you write or if you want to write, don’t hesitate to sign up for this event or another like it. I guarantee that you’ll come home just like me…tired, happy and ready to write.

For more information contact the fee is a reasonable $200. and includes two banquets.


Anonymous said...

Well said, Jackie. I agree with you completely. Writing cons not only recharge the rabbit, but reinforce the fact that we're not alone. There are other people out there who are committed to this writing thing we do.

Jean Henry (Mead) said...

This is a book I've got to read. Thanks for the well-written review, Jackie.

Jackie King said...

Thanks to both Earl and Jean for their comments. When I was a child, I thought everyone told stories to themselves. How else would one fall asleep? So much more fun than counting sheep. It's great to spend a weekend with others of a like nature. Blessings to you both.