Thursday, February 25, 2016

Another Birthday--More Time to Write!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

I turned 79 on February 23, and am grateful for the chance to write for another day; or maybe even for another year!

I've heard so many people go bonkers over their birthdays. One friend cried when she turned twenty because she'd no longer be a teenager. (You'd think she would have said, "Thank God!)  Another friend suffered angst when she turned 30, which is the perfect age, if you ask me. You're old enough to know something, but you're still young enough to accomplish anything you want. Or at least try.

A coworker became furious with me because I brought her a cake and flowers on her 40th birthday. She never got over her anger. Silly me. I thought I was being nice. I had no idea she had a phobia about aging.

When I was about 30, a friend of mine contracted bone cancer. She was a brave woman and suffered greatly; refusing to take any more pain medicine than absolutely necessary so she could spend alert time with her children and husband as long as possible. On the day she died, I promised God that if I could live to raise my three children, I'd never complain about growing another year older. And I haven't. I celebrate!

Usually I celebrate all month. This year I got started a little late because income tax preparation slowed me down. Now that is finished and in the hands of my accountant, so it's party time for me.  

But along with the dinners out, ice cream and cake, and dancing on the tabletop, I intend to make sure I get in some writing time. As I sometimes remind younger writers: Writers Write!


Bill Kirton said...

Belated happy birthday Jackie. I'm just 3 years behind you but share your sentiments. The 'I' who's writing this comment doesn't have an age. OK, the physical machine that's carrying it around does, and it can't do everything it used to - but it can still do plenty. Also, as a writer, that 'I', when it wants to, can be anything from a 5 year old to a woman, or a frog, or a Martian, etc., etc.

Jackie King said...

Thanks, Bill, these are great comments and I so agree. This post was very self-indulgent, and I knew that, but couldn't resist. One of the perks of aging is caring less and less about criticism, and more and more about what really matters.

One of the reasons I love being a writer is that there is never any need to retire. People may stop reading what I write, but I can darned sure write!

Jean Henry Mead said...

Good advice, Jackie, and a belated birthday as well. With age comes wisdom and experiences that we can incorporate into our work. Most of the better writers are over 60, in my opinion.

Jackie King said...

Thanks, Jean. And good or not, nothing can keep us from writing; and that's the cool part of this occupation.