Saturday, February 13, 2016

Creating a New Series

by June Shaw

What is it like to start writing a new series of books?

I sold a series of cozy mysteries to one publisher who bought hardcover rights, another who purchased paperback rights, and another who got the e-book rights. Oh, and another one did get the audio rights and another publisher produced the books in large print.

How sweet was that!

I've sold and independently published other books that were not in a series, and only one was a mystery (suspense), but now I've been offered a contract by an e-book first division of a major publisher. I sent them the first book and they wanted a synopsis of the next two.

Hmmm, I hadn't actually written them yet, although I had come up with ideas.

The editor I contacted told me not to worry; things could be changed later.

That's good since I'm not really certain about where those next two will take me and my story.

I would like any advice or suggestions from people who have gone through this, especially since I'm revising a previously published work, too.

Help! Send me suggestions. Thank you: )


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