Friday, December 11, 2015


By June Shaw

With so much violence in the world now, are people looking for even more in their books?

More and more, individuals are voicing their opinions about that, and many of them are saying no, they are not.

For most of my life, I've felt that way. I imagine that's why I normally look for things that make me laugh--or at least grin a lot.

That's probably the case for the reason I've written a humorous mystery series. Readers often tell me they enjoy hanging around with my main character and want her as their best friend. Of course I feel the same way about her. Some readers ask if she is me, but my answer is, "No. She is the person I want to become." (Of course her hunky dude who keeps opening Cajun restaurants keeps many others reading.)

I've also wrote a humorous book with my youngest grandchild called HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR PET GHOST. And readers tell me the books about my mom called NORA 102 1/2: A LESSON ON AGING WELL is wonderfully inspiring and in many places extra funny.

And then there are others I've done. The most recent is a HUNGER GAMES-type story called JUST ONE FRIEND. And I have a suspense thriller APPROACHING MENACE.

I imagine it all depends on what mood you're in when you read or write a book and whether you want your escapism to seem realistic or not. Thank goodness we are all different and so are our interests.

What type books do you like to read?

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Jean Henry Mead said...

I also write mystery/suspense novels with humor, and enjoy novels of various genres with at least one quirky character. Now, more than ever, we need humor in our lives.