Saturday, October 11, 2014

Introvert Writers

by June Shaw

Many, in face probably most of us who write, are basically introverts. If we were life-of-the-party kind of people, we would have a most difficult time sitting alone for all of the hours and days and months or years most of us spend writing a book. And then another. And then another book and possibly more.

It's easy for an introvert to sit quietly for all the time it takes to create characters, settings, and plots. What do these characters want? Why can't they have that thing? What's another reason they can't reach their goals? Where are they? Is where your story takes place extremely important to your plot? Dig deep into the place's secrets and lies and all that is beautiful there and all that is not.

What's going to happen to the people you place in this setting, and how will they change? What ups and downs (more downs than ups please) will you create for these story people? How will this continue for a whole book? And maybe the next one in a series. And another....

If you needed to be in the midst of a crowd, you would have a more difficult time creating ideas and submerging yourself in the worlds you create on the page.

Now aren't you glad you're kind of shy?

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