Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Simple pleasures...


Why do flowers give us pleasure? Does it go back to prehistory, when blossom was a promise of fruit to come? Certainly it seems to be embedded deeply: Consider the lilies of the field...even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these.

Be that as it may, to most if not all people they're a source of continual enjoyment. Here are some that have delighted me in recent days.

Walking by the river-- Is this a wild viburnum? (Classification and "naming" is also a source of pleasure to some of us!)

 One within reach, and one way over my head...and for some unfathomable reason the fact that it's way over my head pleases me
In my garden

 Those that return year after year of their own accord:
 And those that start anew every Spring:

And last but not least, an exotic intruder:

This was a reward for taking part in an "inspiring women" panel for teenage girls. Of course, being regarded as an inspiring woman also has its pleasures...


June Shaw said...

Enjoyed your flowers, Carola. Orchids are favorites of mine, although the one time I bought a plant, I couldn't keep it alive. Your lily looks fabulous, too.

Carola Dunn said...

Iris, if you mean the yellow one. I'm told these orchids are foolproof. One friend said she was given one, put it away on a shelf, and forgot it for several years until one day she found it flowering again. Never been watered! We shall see.

June Shaw said...

Yes, I meant iris. It's beautiful. Maybe my problem with the orchids was admiring them every day. Good luck with yours. And I will try them again.