Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The family that reads together...

by Carola Dunn

My favourite picture from my son and family's recent visit:

My son found a history of art on my shelves; my granddaughter arrived with the 6th Harry Potter, finished it, and had to borrow the 7th on my library card--was in despair because she got only 3/4 through it before she had to leave (have you seen that book?--it's HUGE); and my daughter-in-law reading my latest.

And speaking of my latest, I was expecting the five Daisy Dalrymple titles that my UK publisher hasn't put out yet to appear in August (3) and October (2), so it was quite a surprise to find that three are already available:

What's more, the next two are coming out in a week or so:

I can only suppose my publisher has been getting requests from impatient readers, as I have. As the last three are already out in the UK, as well as the first eleven, people naturally want to read the in-between ones

But, in breaking news, I took those dates from the publisher's website, and online booksellers disagree about the availability! So perhaps they're not all coming out this month. Who can guess? Strange indeed are the ways of publishers!


Jaden Terrell said...

Carola, very nice covers. Must be an exciting time.

My dad could never understand why I considered Mom reading on one side of the couch and me reading on the other "quality time," LOL.

Carola Dunn said...

And Dad in the middle watching TV?