Saturday, April 14, 2012

What Excites You in Mysteries?

What Excites You in Mysteries?

by June Shaw

Do you get excited when you read a certain line in a mystery? It might be a line or a line that you determine will be quotes for a long time? (Shaken not stirred)

I've found many lines in Janet Evanovitch books, especially her early ones, that made me laugh out loud and then read to my partner. (We all recall where Stephanie Plum lost her virginity.)

I get excited by haunting scenes, scenes that will stay with me for a long time (And Then There Were None.)

Unique characters who I care about remain with me and make me want to return to them again in other books. I also love being pulled into a setting that comes alive.

What excites you in a mystery!


Harvee said...

I like unique settings and characters, paced action, and of course, a good story!

Earl Staggs said...

I get excited when I meet a character I'd like to hang out with in real life, when I read a well-written action scene, and when an ending has no loose ends and makes me smile.

June Shaw said...

Harvee, yes, we all enjoy all of those.

June Shaw said...

Earl, lots of readers tell me they'd love to be best friends with my main character, who's lots of fun!

Jaden Terrell said...

Characters I love and writing that draws me so completely into a scene it's like being there. When William Ken Krueger describes a Minnesota snowfall, you can almost feel the chill, and when Timothy Hallinan describes Poke Rafferty's Bankok, it's the next best thing to getting on a plane and going there. They each have compelling characters and great storylines as well.