Saturday, January 12, 2013

Time to Read and Write More?

by June Shaw

Now that the holidays have come and stayed around and kept us busy running to every store we could think of --

And then we spent time wrapping our gifts and setting them out --

After taking tons of time to decorate the house --

And then we came up with menus and prepared special treats and prepared them for everyone.

Then our special days arrived. What cheer! What joy! What happiness with those we love (if we are fortunate enough to have them around.)

And after we took that day or three to recoup from doing all those fun things--

So we did them again --

In reverse.

We ran back to those stores to exchange or return most gifts we received --

And found more things on sale that we had to buy and find places for in our stuffed closets --

And we ate and we ate all those special treats we had made and others gave to us--

And then complained since our clothes got too tight. We needed to exercise. And put away all the holiday dishes until next time.

So we are less than two days into the new year. Did you get ready? Did you do it....

Have you gotten to start reading or writing new books? Both, I hope. Now please excuse me as I finally get totally in mine.

Hope 2013 is terrific for you!!!

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