Saturday, January 26, 2013


by June Shaw

How do you get to choose which activity you'll take part in? I must make a firm decision soon this morning.

As writers, we need to write. We also need to live. We've got to have those exciting ideas coming to us, see nature, watch people and listen to them, and just relax. That's when ideas often flow most.

Today I need to work on the galley for my latest book. Changes are due by Tuesday. I also want to write more on the next book. I've reached an intense scene and need to decide what will happen next. I'm the published author laision for RWA's south Louiaian chapter, and our board has its annual meeting at 11 in New Orleans. That's an hour and a half away. If there are no Mardi Gras parades along my route.

Also during the luncheon hours today my Red Hat group has a get-together. I joined this society to have fun -- its main purpose -- and meet other people. My group is having a covered dish, bring any Red Hat items you want to sell or swap, and let's do it. And then board games. Fun.

The latest invitation came fom my 9-year-old granddaughter. She'll be a royal page on a king's float for a Mardi Gras parade here in two weeks. From ten till noon today all six pages are hosting a skating party.

And now how do I choose what I'll do this morning? (Oh, and when I woke up today, I realized I hadn't written a post for this blog. I'm doing that first.) Then -- although my family always comes first, I see my granddaughter often and know she'll have tons of kids at the party. I'll send her a gift and know she'll be happy. I know my Red Hat friends will have lots of fun, but I had other commitments; I'll join them next time. I've gotten a lot of work done already on my galley, so that can wait till later today or tomorrow. A few weeks ago I and other board members agreed that we could meet today in N.O., so....... while I'm driving there, I can work on what happens next in my current book. Then later today when I'm home I can add more to that scene. And/or work on my galley. Or maybe I'll just go out to relax with Bob.

How do you make choices for using your time?

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Jaden Terrell said...

Ah, time management. You nailed it, June. Too many to-do's, not enough hours in the day. I think it's the hardest thing I do.