Monday, January 7, 2013

Pet Wisdom

 By Mark W. Danielson

For humans, life can be stressful.  Most of us have too many things to do and never enough time or money to do them.  But to our dogs like Maxx, waking up is blissful.  This is one reason we love them so much.

For us, life has been trying ever since we listed our Colorado house last spring.  Selling it quickly was a blessing, but building our dream home has been a challenge.  The recession made our loan process extremely difficult, and there always seems to be some new problem in seeing our plans come to fruition.  Add to this our sometimes inability to communicate via cell phones or Internet due to service-related problems and our frustration increases.  My job takes me on the road for a week or more at a time, which frequently compounds our problems, but all our little dog cares about is curling up to us on the sofa.  Regardless of whatever pressing issues we may face, Maxx always wakes up smiling, wagging his tail, telling us everything’s alright.  Thank God we have him.  No doubt, pets like him are why dog is God spelled backwards.  (Cat lovers forgive me, but this is a dog article.  Your pets are equally important.)

Having the holidays behind us gives us more reason to learn about love from our beloved companions.  If we could see the world as they see it, our problems would seem smaller and our happiness would be greater.  With 2013 upon us we should realize that most of our stress is self-induced, so we should do all we can to minimize it.  Let’s only worry about things we can control and take pleasure in the meaning of Christmas by treating people as we wish to be treated.    

Clearly, none of these things come easy to humans, but they do to our pampered pets whose only mission in life is to love and spread joy.  I hope your pet’s hearts touch each of you as we all welcome the new year. 

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