Monday, January 28, 2013

My Latest Life of Crime

Not only do I write crime novels, but I participate in committing crimes (wink, wink) to help train police officers. Some number of years ago, I attended a citizens’ police academy, and now I’m part of an alumni group that meets monthly but also participates in role playing exercises for police training. Today I got handcuffed twice, first for domestic violence and second for trespassing.  In the domestic violence scenario, another citizens' police academy alumni member and I were shouting at each other when the police trainees arrived. They had to sort out what was happening (we accused each other of assaulting the other, while both of us had fake blood on us). The police separated us, cuffed us and took our statements. Picture below. All in a day’s work.

Mike Befeler

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Jaden Terrell said...

That sounds like fun, Mike. I got to role play for an FBI SWAT team training exercise a few months ago. We played out various scenarios in an abandoned mall, and the tactical unit did their rescue drills. It was a blast.