Saturday, July 27, 2013

Your Book Release

by June Shaw

I'm excited because the first book in my series of humorous mysteries has just been released -- again!

Initially I sold RELATIVE DANGER to a publisher that put it out in hardcover and large print. At first I thought the sale was a fluke; maybe the editor who bought it was having a great day and accepting everything that crossed his desk. Soon I was shocked and grateful when my debut garnered praise from readers and reviewers, including these:

"Best Mystery of the Year nominee" - Deadly Ink
"Suspenseful" - Publishers Weekly
"An absolute winner!" – Author Hailey North
"Keeps you guessing" - Kirkus
"Refreshing twists" - Romantic Times
"Way fun!" – Author Alice Duncan
"Sexy" - Armchair Interviews

Someone compared it to Janet Evanovitch's books, which I enjoyed. Harlequin gave me another surprise and bought mass market rights and reprinted my book in paperback.

And now an electronic publisher, Untreed Reads, just released it for ereaders. Next month and the following month, they will be releasing my second and third book in the series, which I'd previously sold and were released in hardcover. What fun to see my books coming to life once more -- in a new format!

My series features spunky widowed Cealie Gunther, who tries to avoid her hunky lover Gil Thurman so she can rediscover herself. But he opens Cajun restaurants wherever she travels. And she is so bad at avoiding tempting dishes and men.

Cealie is a woman of a certain age whose zeal for adventure keeps her in the thick of things—like trouble. She pops up in town early to watch her motherless granddaughter Kat graduate, only to discover that because of a custodian's death—accidental—or murder?—graduation might not take place.
Determined to find the truth, Cealie snags a job as a substitute teacher, exposing much violence, lurking menace and more disturbing questions than answers. The only thing certain is that a killer has decided Cealie and her grandchild need to be expelled—permanently.
I hope you'll check out RELATIVE DANGER. It's available at Amazon, BN, and other retailers, although orders though Untreed Reads now let readers pay one price and get all three major formats, which are directly sent to their devices. They also allow gifting of ebooks.
With its various formats, my book has had many covers. Here's the newest. 
Relative Danger (A Cealie Gunther Mystery, #1) by June Shaw - Click Image to Close
Have you ever sold different rights to your books? How was the rerelease experience?
Thanks so much for dropping by!


Jean Henry Mead said...

Congratulations, June. Yes, I've sold the same books to various publishers, and Mysterious Writers is now out in large print, over 600pages, which would make a good doorstop. :)

Earl Staggs said...

This is great, June! You have good reason to be proud and happy. Best wishes for continued success.

June Shaw said...

Jean, isn't it great to sell a book you worked so long and hard on to more than one publisher?

Funny about your large print. Is anyone buying it for a doorstop?

June Shaw said...

Thanks so much, Earl. Yes, I love it!

Jean Henry Mead said...

Yes, it is, June. The Mysterious Writers book is 660 pages and the price has been reduced to $40.43 at Amazon. I don't think it has sold many copies, it might give seniors, who need large print books, a hernia. I suggested lowering the price to $39,95, but it hasn't happened.

June Shaw said...

Oh, funny. We sure don't want our books giving anyone a hernia. Love it!

Nicholas Genovese said...

Hi June,
I'm so happy for you. Your books are doing extremely well. You deserve good praise. I'm sure it wasn't easy but you made it.
That's what counts in the end.

I bought and read your first three in the series and they were great page turners.

June Shaw said...

Thank you so much, Nick! No, getting here was definitely tough. I'm thrilled to be having my series re-released -- with the first book just out!

Jacqueline Seewald said...


Congrats! This is great news. It's important to keep good books alive. Ebooks are a great way to do it.

June Shaw said...

Thanks, Jacqueline. I agree, and I'm so glad it's happening.

Linda R said...

June, that is fabulous news! I'm so excited for you, and hope you sell a ton of e-books through Untreed Reads.

June Shaw said...

Thanks, Linda. I'm hoping I do, too: )

Carole Price said...

Love hearing great news like this. Congratulations!

June Shaw said...

Thank you, Carole. Yes, we all enjoy hearing good news.

Ellis Vidler said...

Make it easy for us to find!
Here's the Amazon link to RELATIVE DANGER.

Looks good, June. Sharp cover!

June Shaw said...

Oh, thank you, Ellis. Don't know why I didn't do that, but I sure appreciate that you did. Glad you like the cover and find the book interesting!

Bill Kirton said...

Sorry I'm late to the party, June, but add my congratulations to those of the others. Great news. There's not enough humour about the place (or even humor).

June Shaw said...

Thanks, Bill. I agree and love humor -- in books -- and life.