Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Epic Tale Needs Reviews

By Chester D. Campbell

The final segment on my post Cold War political thriller trilogy is about ready for the Kindle store. Titled Overture to Disaster, it's an epic tale that follows two widely divergent plot lines until they merge in Mexico. The story opens in 1991 just prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union. One thread begins with a Soviet Army bivouac on a collective farm in the Ukraine where chemical weapons are to be displayed. The other takes place at the same time in Washington, where a secret Special Operations helicopter mission to Iran is ready to launch.

The fallout from the two events begins to surface a few years later for two of the central characters, a chief investigator for the city prosecutor in Minsk, Belarus and the former Air Force colonel who piloted the ill-fated rescue mission to Iran. They meet in Guadalajara as a diabolical plot by dissident Russians and world-order capitalists begins to unfold.

The book will appear first in the electronic version for the Kindle. Since I need some reviews to get it noticed on Amazon, I thought I would try something new. Any readers out there who would like to review Overture to Disaster can contact me by email (chester@ chesterdcampbell.com - after closing the space following @) and I'll send you an ebook copy, PDF or some other format.

The book is of epic proportions, running a little over 160,000 words, but my editor thinks this trilogy is my best work. You can decide for yourself.

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