Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Daisy po polsku

by Carola

The first ten books of my Daisy Dalrymple series are coming out in Polish. This is the cover of the first, Death at Wentwater Court.

Cute, right? But wait... They're putting them out as compete boxed sets, each set with the cover of one of the books, and all with a clever and even cuter motif on the spines:

You may note that Daisy's last name has been dropped from the series title--because Poles can't pronounce Dalrymple, I wonder?

These three are all I've seen, so I'm just assuming the rest also feature the black cartoonish cat. To me, it brings to mind the Pink Panther, and the theme of the movies comes into my head every time I see it.

The odd thing is that, as far as I remember, there are no cats in any of Daisy's adventures. Me, I'm a dog-person!

Now that's more like it...

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Morgan Mandel said...

Very strange. Maybe they want your dog to be a cat in the books?

Be that as it may, I have to admit those new covers are supremely adorable!

Morgan Mandel

Carola Dunn said...

Even the dog only appears occasionally in the books. In Black Ship, she finds the body, and in Mistletoe and Murder she digs up a clue, steals it back, and buries it!

I was once asked to write a Regency story involving a kitten and I asked if I could use a puppy instead. The editor said No, kittens sell! I put a puppy as well as a kitten in the story anyway.

But these covers are eye-catching, and what more can one ask?

Ellis Vidler said...

Cute covers! And the cat is very clever even if he doesn't appear in the books. Hope they sell a lot!