Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cornish Mysteries now in UK

by Carola

[I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because after 45 years in the US, my UK schooling is beginning to wear off.] 

All three of my Cornish Mysteries come out in the UK this week. Read excerpts at

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They're set in Cornwall, in a fictional fishing village called Port Mabyn, which is a cross between Port Isaac (think Doc Martin) and Boscastle, and set on the North Coast between those two towns.
Eleanor Trewynn, after working all her life for an international charity all over the world, retires as a widow to a Cornish village. She buys a cottage and sets up a charity shop on the ground floor.

US hardcover

Large print
UK cover
The first book is MANNA FROM HADES: 

 Looking forward to a peaceful retirement, Eleanor's horrified to find in the stockroom behind the shop, the body of a scruffy, unknown youth.


“Adept at showing character through witty dialogue, Dunn paints an amusing picture of a small town that readers will want to visit again soon.” -- Publishers Weekly on Manna From Hades

 “Dunn has a knack for writing meatier-than-usual cozies with strong female characters, and she has another charming winner here.”
-- Booklist on Manna From Hades

“Eleanor is a wonderful, multi-faceted heroine and Manna from Hades is a first-rate story…Carola Dunn demonstrates the same smooth writing and seasoned storytelling that readers have come to expect from her.”
--- Mystery News

“Welcome to Cornwall, beautiful land of Cornish pasties, cream teas and murder. [Manna from Hades] is a modern day version of the classic English village mystery.”
--- Kirkus Reviews

 Port Isaac pics

UK edition
The second is:

US edition
Once again murder disrupts the quiet life of widowed charity shop owner Eleanor Trewynn, who's settled in the village of Port Mabyn with her Westie, Teazle. On returning from a train trip to London, Eleanor's artist friend and neighbor, Nick Gresham, discovers that someone has slashed several of his paintings in his Port Mabyn shop. Rather than go to the police, a furious Nick sets out to confront rival artist Geoffrey Monmouth, who Nick is sure is the culprit. Accompanied by an anxious Eleanor, Nick finds Geoff stabbed to death in his Padstow bungalow. When the authorities detain Nick, Eleanor determines to track down the real killer, who just might be one of the young artists living communally on a local farm. Bolstered by strong characters, the fast-moving plot builds to a satisfying conclusion. --Publishers Weekly

Waterstones uk 

Large print

VERDICT Dunn's second cozy set in 1960s Cornwall (after "Manna from Hades") is a delightful romp, full of busybodies, unscrupulous artists, and a charming Westie with character. ---Library Journal

On-line review:

 The third book is THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW
US hardcover

“The sights and sounds of the coast of Cornwall come alive in The Valley of the Shadow. The rescue of a drowning Indian man leads to a race against time to rescue his family, trapped in the smugglers’ caves on the rocky shore. Feisty retiree Eleanor Trewynn enlists her fellow villagers in tracking down those responsible for abandoning the refugees — but will the smugglers find her first? Dunn gives us a thoroughly enjoyable, cozy suspense novel — one with a social conscience.”

 —Carol Schneck Varner, Schuler Books & Music, Okemos, MI

...Dunn lives up to her reputation for cozies that take on serious stuff, allowing her ragtag bunch of investigators to unearth a story with roots deep in international politics...
--Publishers Weekly 


Rocky Valley--Gave me the idea for Valley of the Shadow


the moody box fan said...

I only just yesterday finished reading 'A Colourful Death' and am looking forward to the third book in the series. I love Eleanor and Jocelyn and all the characters. Very charming set. I would love to see this made into a series or film to see Eleanor demonstrate her Aikido on some knucklehead! There is a soulfulness to this series that really appeals to me.


Carola Dunn said...

Thank you, Joshua. They're a nice bunch of people to have inhabiting my head!

Jean Henry Mead said...

I love the photos and book covers, Carola, and look forward to reading your latest release.