Saturday, May 23, 2015

Should Main Characters in Mysteries Have Children?

by June Shaw

I am debating that topic right now. I'm starting a new mystery series, and one of the things I'm really considering is whether to give my protagonist children. That is so cool--we authors make so many decisions about the people in our stories. It's really different from real life in that we can't choose many things that will go on with those around us. Like our grown children and growing grandchildren.

Gosh, I imagine concept is working my thoughts right now because of the series I am planning, but also because of the end of the school year. In the last couple of weeks I've been to a number of honors' ceremonies and graduations. I just heard from my daughter who lives in the next town that her oldest son may be doing an internship for his master's in Data Analytics in Colorado--and he's from down here in south Louisiana. I'm glad for him since he's pleased, but we'll all really miss him.

On another front, I also just did a first book signing with my two teen granddaughters who wanted to write a book with me. Since we all loved HUNGER GAMES, we wrote in that genre. We signed our new novel, the dystopian JUST ONE FRIEND and in one hour, sold out. Many people are waiting for copies, and those sweet young ladies have earned their first nice royalties. That'll really help the one about to start attending L.S.U.

A number of readers have said they prefer not to see children in mysteries since they often deter from the main problem.

I find it difficult not to have children of any age around me or the characters I create.

What about you?


Jean Henry Mead said...

I have a grown daughter in my Logan & Cafferty series, but have never had small children populate my mystery novels. That's an interesting concept, June, and would probably appeal to younger readers. Congratulations on your book signing successes.

June Shaw said...

Thanks so much, Jean. We've been doing well.