Saturday, April 25, 2015

Writing with Family

By June Shaw

Here are my sweet teen granddaughters, avid readers who are sisters that asked to write a book with me. (Okay, the third one is me.)

Me: Do you really want to write a book, or do you just want money?

Them: No, writing a book should be fun. We'd love to do it with your help.

They loved HUNGER GAMES. So did I. We agreed to write YA dystopian. While I created most of the novel, they were great help. I asked for lots of input, and they gave it.

Sometimes the main character got in a major bind, and I had no idea how to get her out of it. One phone call to them got the duo thinking and creating a list of suggested events. They helped with setting and characters and creatures and otherworld building. Wonderful. One reviewer even called it better than HUNGER GAMES.

What would you do if the government decreed that each person would be allowed to have only one friend? That's our premise in JUST ONE FRIEND. They said to mention to everyone that it's on sale for a limited time for .99.

Have you ever tried to write a book with anyone else, especially a member or two of your family?



Bill Kirton said...

I think it's lovely that they want to do this with you, June. My two stepgranddaughters helped with some of my stories when they were little but they have other interests now. And my nephew's a talented artist who's illustrated one of my stories but he and deadlines don't get on together.

June Shaw said...

Yes, Bill, it was wonderful working with the teens. One's about to graduate and go to LSU, and the other will finish ninth grade. Fun times!