Thursday, April 16, 2015


I'm a day late but I just wanted to sneak in a couple of early reviews of my next Daisy Dalrymple mystery (Minotaur, June).

Publishers Weekly: "...Affecting..."
                          The rest is just about the story, but at least the one word that's actual review is positive!

And Booklist:
"Now here’s a proper British mystery. The title refers to the two million excess women left unmarried after WWI. Dunn’s heroine, the Honourable Daisy Dalrymple, now wife of Scotland Yard Inspector Alec Fletcher, is friends with one of these women, Willie Chandler, a chum from school who has just moved to Beaconsfield with two other roommates. With Daisy recuperating in the village after a bout of bronchitis, she renews the acquaintance, and she and Alec gladly accept an invitation to Sunday lunch. Though the smell of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding wafts through the kitchen, another, less aromatic smell comes from the basement. Alas, it is the exceedingly dead body of a woman.

"Are Willie et al. the murderers? What about the leasing agent, who had a thing for the home’s former owner? Or the lascivious schoolteacher? Daisy, much to the chagrin of her husband (though he’s getting used to it), is as involved as ever in this twenty-first book of the series. A thoroughly cozy atmosphere combines with a solid mystery.
More Daisy, please."
— Ilene Cooper

And Kirkus just arrived:  "Fans of classic British mysteries and Dunn’s clever heroine will find plenty of local color and red herrings in her latest charmer."


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