Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rereleasing a Book

by June Shaw

Having a book released gives an author a fantstic feeling. Having it released anew brings back all the flutters and excitement of the first time.

I'd waited so long, that the first time I sold a book, I couldn't believe it. Was the editor having an especially good day and buying everything that came over her desk? It must have been a fluke. And they published it in hardcover.

Reviews started to come in. Well-known authors really liked my book? And one reviewer after another -- including Publishers Weekly! And Deadly Ink nominated it for their David award for Best Mystery of the Year. Good grief.

Then this first book, RELATIVE DANGER, came out in large print. More sales. And Harlequin bought reprint rights for their mystery mass market book customers. I sold nonexclusive audio rights.

And I sold another book in the series. KILLER COUSINS was fun to write and sell, and again I drank in every bit of praise I received.

Third in the series came DEADLY REUNION, in which a mini-class reunion takes place on a cruise ship in Alaska. And I sold other books. And now...

I've come full circle. Untreed Reads has just rereleased RELATIVE DANGER as an ebook with a new cover. They're about to do the same with KILLER COUSINS and the following month, it will be DEADLY REUNION's turn.

All fun. All exciting. I hope you'll check it out.


Mike Befeler, author of geezer-lit and paranormal mysteries said...

Way to go on all the different editions of your work. It's great to have so many different ways that readers can find your novels.

June Shaw said...

Thanks, Mike. I agree. From the hardcover to large print to audio book to e-book, they're all sure to help readers find what they like.