Monday, August 26, 2013

Emotional Topics

When I read or see a movie, certain topics really grab me. I recently watched the 2005 movie Good Night and Good Luck about Edward R. Murrow taking on Joseph McCarthy. The theme of McCarthy using innuendo and statements not backed up by facts to ruin people pushed my emotional button on injustice. I found the movie captivating as I rooted for truth over lies.

This all ties into fairness and prejudice. In our society so many times people are judged without due diligence. This raises my hackles and gets my emotional juices flowing.
Good writing has this impact on readers and viewers. Whether a screenplay or a novel, tapping into emotional topics that involves the audience and keeps them reading or on the edge of their seats is what we all try to achieve.
What are the emotional topics that most impact you?

Mike Befeler

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