Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Holiday Season

 by Leighton Gage

Down here in Brazil, we had four significant events to mark our holiday season.

One: On the 26th of November a floating Christmas tree was erected in the lagoon of Rio de Janeiro.

It was 83 meters tall, weighed 542 tons and remained in place until yesterday.

Two: On the 27th of December, I launched my latest book, “A Vine In The Blood”.

And, in that short time, it’s already garnered a number of stellar reviews:

Gage knows Brazil well and has a cast of characters so amusing and so skillfully constructed that this novel is irresistible.Toronto Globe and Mail.

Rising above Brazilian brutality, corruption, and bribery with uncommon wit and the help of his colorful, appealing colleagues, (Silva) scores a winning goal in an enormously complex kidnap payoff scheme. – Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)

Let’s take a moment to celebrate excellence…(“A Vine in the Blood” is) a great story, well told. New Mystery Reader

Mr. Gage is a master of the procedural who paints with a fine brush, using the tools he needs to craft a fine novel—and no more. – The New York Journal of Books

Whether it's characterization, plot or setting, “A Vine in the Blood” is possibly the best book in this series. Rating A+Kittling Books

Three: The annual run took place on St. Silvester’s Day.

Featuring more than15,000 participants, and including practically all of the great long-distance runners in the world, it’s the most famous race in South America.

Four: Two million people rang in the New Year with a stupendous show of fireworks on Copacabana Beach.

If you missed the tree, the race and the fireworks, all is not lost.

You can still console yourself with the book.

And click on the "Look Inside" feature, to see if you like the writing.
A Somewhat Belated Happy New Year To All!

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Jean Henry Mead said...

Congrats on the book, Leighton. Looks like a great read. And btw, the Brazilians certainly know how to celebrate! Great photos.