Sunday, August 7, 2011

Reading Is Fun-damental, and Good For You, Too

by Susan Santangelo

Two weeks ago, Parade Magazine published an article titled, "Sunny Side Up." The sub-head was, "Do you know how to be happy? Take this quiz to find out." Ten questions followed, and Number 5 really grabbed me. "If you're sad, which of the following is most likely to cheer you up? A: Watching reruns of your favorite sitcom; B: Reading a novel; C: Tuning in to the news.

The answer -- drum roll, please -- was B. The article went on to say that people who read often are happier than those who watch TV, according to researchers at the University of Maryland. Even if the novel's plot is depressing.

How about that!


Jean Henry Mead said...

I'm not surprised, Susan. There are so many inane programs on TV that I watch very few of them anymore. A good novel or research book always makes me happy. :)

Susan Santangelo said...

I thought it was funny that watching the news was one of the choices. I get depressed or upset anytime I watch. The world is in such a sorry state. That's why I like to play with my imaginary friends!