Monday, January 31, 2011

A Mystery - Update

By Shane Cashion

Back on November 8, 2010, I posted about a strange murder mystery involving a law firm in St. Louis. The post was entitled, A Mystery. There have been some developments I thought I'd share. This past week Thomas Boggs, husband of Beth Boggs and a partner at their law firm, sought a protective order against former partner, Mark Bates, over the bombing that occurred at the Boggs’ home back in October of 2010. Bates was a founding member of Boggs, Boggs, & Bates. He left the firm in 2008 to join another law firm in downtown St. Louis. According to court filings, Thomas Boggs related that he had been informed by law enforcement officials that Bates is the “primary suspect” in the bombing. Boggs further stated that he had been shown surveillance footage of Bates allegedly purchasing lacquer thinner about a week before the explosion. Lacquer thinner cans were reportedly found at the site of the bombing.

At the hearing, Bates stated that he had no ill will toward the Boggs’, yet he took the 5th with respect to questions concerning the bombing. The presiding judge ultimately denied the protective order, maintaining that a single bombing incident, even if a link to Bates could be proven, wasn’t sufficient evidence for a protective order. To get a protective order in Missouri, the petitioner must establish a series or pattern of incidents; a single event isn’t enough. This is unfortunate as I trust protective orders are quite effective in deterring arsonists, bombers, and even murderers. I can only imagine how many would be murderers have been thwarted by the weight of that document Ordering them to Stay Away!

To date, no one has been charged with the bombing as this mystery continues to unfold.


Jean Henry Mead said...

Interesting case, Shane. It vaguely reminds me of another bombing during the 1980s. The perpetrator was a inmate who ordered the murder of Vincent Vehar, A Wyoming attorney, from prison. Fortunately, all involved parties were discovered and arrested.

Shane Cashion said...

I didn't know about that one. Very interesting, and scary. What's so bizarre about the latest development in this case is that it now involves a former law partner as a prime suspect.

Jean Henry Mead said...

That's really scary. A psycho law partner!

Jaden Terrell said...

I'm still boggled by the thought that trying to blow someone up isn't cause for a protective order.

Shane Cashion said...

When I lived in Fla they had a similar dog bite law. Your dog could commit one bad act. I had a female bulldog at the time. When we were out in public and someone would give her a nasty look, I'd say real loud to my dog: "Now you can go ahead and bite him if you want, but remember, this is the only bite you get so you have to make sure."