Monday, August 9, 2010

The Border This Week

by Ben Small

While the Arizona/Mexico border's been relatively quiet this week, it's not been totally dead.

Just in the last week, President Felipe Calderon held a press conference, claiming the drug lords are taking over some regions of the country, replacing local governments, and charging extortion fees upon local residents -- taxesCalderon

Meanwhile, over two million dollars of marijuana were collected during a three day period ending just yesterday, involving three different inspections along Arizona's I-19 drug corridor. While one applauds the captures, I wonder how much actually gets through on a given day? Don't take these seizures too seriously. Tons of marijuana are seized each year. But the price for grass isn't rising. Which of course means there's plenty of supply...

Here are the local television reports: $! Million in Pot Captured$800,000 in Pot Captured140 Pounds of Pot Captured

But the plot thickens. Yesterday, Ciudad Juarez police rioted just across the border from El Paso. Seems one group of cops descended on headquarters to arrest a high level investigator determined by the corruption detail to be a pawn of the drug lords. Cops supporting El Bad Guy resisted the arrest, claiming the resistors were the more corrupt -- back and forth, you know -- and a brawl broke out. Over two hundred cops tasering, shooting and sticking each other in the center of the city.
CNN Report: Mexican Police Riot

How would you like to live there, especially when just across the border, you can be safe, cared for, and if you can make it to Albuquerque, Santa Fe, San Diego, Los Angeles or San Francisco, you'll be welcomed as trophy product for a Sanctuary City to display?

Is it any wonder Illegals are fleeing the lawlessness of Mexico for our Homeland?

Guess where they're going.

Reports show Illegals increasingly fear Arizona and attempt to cross the Sonoran Desert heading toward New Mexico, something no doubt New Mexicans will celebrate.

But High Heat Time is coming this week to the Sonoran Desert. The monsoons will die tomorrow. And then comes the relentless heat. July's number for Pima County's desert exposure deaths -- 58 -- came during half a month of monsoons, which provide water and relief from the heat. With the monsoons passing, the desert becomes grim, water gone, temperatures well over a hundred. A furnace. Every breath a water loss. Pima County will see those exposure death numbers rise, as will Pinal, Cochise and Sana Cruz Counties, most of those counties surrounding Pima, just raw, hot desert.

And Janet Napolitano, so fierce about border security as governor of Arizona, even going so far as to demand National Guard troops, but who then changed her mind when she entered the Obama Administration, stopped deportation proceedings this week for an illegal caught committing Identity Theft -- another crime on the increase in the Southwest, often associated with illegals -- evidently because the felon is attending school somewhere in Arizona.

Stay tuned. It's a new week, and our uncontrolled border is sure to bring new headlines...and more dead bodies.


Anonymous said...

The situation in Juarez makes me sick. My mother taught school in El Paso for years, when it was safe to cross the bridge for a day of shopping or an evening at a restaurant.
Pat Browning

Jean Henry Mead said...

There must be a reason why Barrack Obama told supporters during his presidential campaign that parents should teach their children Spanish. The North American Union is on the horizon.

Ben Small said...

Plus, Jean, the Obama Administration blew by the Aug 1 promised date for more troops along the border, with none in sight. Meanwhile, ICE is not cooperating with Arizona cops in processing illegals caught in the net. And a school near the border has had to erect a fence encircling the property for protection from the illegals, some with guns, who continually run through the property, often during recess.

Jean Henry Mead said...

God help us. Our government certainly won't.