Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Note From Pat Browning

No, that's not Pat Browning. That's Robert W. Walker and his dog, Pongo.

I turned my usual Saturday space over to multi-published author ROBERT R.WALKER for his advice on the dread synopsis. It is Part 1 of his post on the synopsis and the outline, which are two completely different things.

Today, Sunday, we go to Part 2, with Rob’s “bullet outline” for his upcoming book, DEAD ON, to be published in July by Five Star.

AND HERE'S A TIP: On Rob’s web site ( you can download DEAD ON for free. The book itself, together with these two posts, make up a mini-writing course. You can literally follow the book from the “brag sheet” to the outline to the finished product.

DEAD ON is a thriller, and may be a tad graphic in a place or two for the squeamish. Don’t be misled by the cozy photo of Rob and his dog. Behind Rob’s angelic mug lies a devilish imagination!

A happy holiday to all, and great success with your writing --
----- Pat Browning

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Ben Small said...

Pat, thank you so much for bringing Rob to us. The guy is a wizard. I have no idea how he manages to accomplish so much. But his advice is always spot on.