Saturday, November 15, 2008

Touching Up

By Pat Browning


My reissued book is ready to launch. An E-mail from the publisher says he got the final proof copy today, and it is “gawjus.” Looks like I’ll have books for a group signing at the local library Dec. 4.

It’s been a hell-bent-for-leather project, but one of the nice things about a small, startup press is that it can turn on a dime, and Krill Press has done that a couple of times. ABSINTHE OF MALICE will be listed in Books in Print next week. It takes a little longer to get it up and running at Amazon and other online bookstores. Soon to come – Kindle.

I read once about an artist who was never entirely satisfied with his paintings. He went around to museums and art galleries, touching up his work when nobody was looking. I can identify.

Re-doing my book was a chore, but I got rid of a lot of ellipses and dialogue tags. I completely rewrote a couple of scenes, at the publisher’s request. It’s the same book, but it’s a better book. Yet even as I signed off on the manuscript I saw a couple of small things that should have been changed. Ah, well. At some point you have to let it go.

The web site for Krill Press is still under construction, but it’s at

Writing and publishing today is a Medusa’s head. A sense of humor is essential, so I’ll sign off with a chuckle for the week. This is an item from Leah Garchik’s column in the San Francisco Chronicle online, Nov. 13:

Mary Patrick Kavanaugh, who says she spent seven years “writing, editing, revising and even refinancing her house twice to underwrite the costs of this dream,” has declared her novel officially dead and is throwing a funeral to mark that reclassification. The service and party will be Dec. 6 at the Chapel of the Chimes, and she says the event will be open coffin so that guests can dispose of “remnants of their own dead dreams to bury with the author's dashed hopes.”

Kavanaugh will sell self-published copies of her novel in the lobby to help pay for the refreshments. “Pity purchases are welcome and encouraged.” She invites guests who can’t show up in person to watch via Webcast at
(End Quote)

What a great marketing line to steal: Pity purchases are welcome and encouraged!


Jean Henry Mead said...

Congratulations on the revamped book, Pat. It is a gorgeous cover, but so is the original by Australian artist/writer Ariana Overton. I enjoyed reading the book, moreso, I think, because I once lived in the plot's locale. Best of luck with sales!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jean!
Ariana was a real pro. Her death was such a loss to the creative community.

Chester Campbell said...

Love the new cover, Pat. Good luck with the upcoming signings. Just shows what can be accomplished when you stick in there and keep fighting.

Ben Small said...


That's a gorgeous cover, really catches the eye. Congratulations! And best of luck and success.