Saturday, February 28, 2015


by June Shaw

After you finish writing a book, do you always know what you'll write next?

If you're writing a series, you'll know who your main character are, and you might have an idea of where your plot will go. In fact, if you're like me, while creating one book in the series, you're getting plot points or new characters for the next one. I love when that happens.

But suppose you're done with that series and you want to start another. Or you're ready to write a single title. Do you know where you'll go with it?

Possibly like me, you have an idea file or a synopsis or opening scenes or characters for new works.

And possibly like you, you've really just gotten to the end of a stand alone and have revised until you can't look at it any longer, and then..... What?

I think I'll go out to eat tonight. I'll also catch up on a movie or two.

Soon--very soon, I promise--I will begin that diet, and I'll exercise. Oh, maybe I could go and start that right now. But nothing too strenuous so I'd be tired to go out tonight. I will, though, stop exercising my fingers right now, and I'll go and move my body.

Next time maybe I'll tell you how much weight I've lost: ) And what new book I've started on.

What about you? How do you handle ending one book and starting on another? Or starting to do exercise?


Jean Henry Mead said...

I'm completing MURDER AT THE MANSION this week, my sixth Logan & Cafferty mystery/suspense novel, and I am very ready for a break. I have so many things to catch up such as starting seedlings for this year's garden, spring cleaning, painting, etc. Meanwhile I'll be thinking about my next book. : )

June Shaw said...

Jean, doesn't it feel great to be finishing a book? And your next one, I guess, will continue the series?

I also plan to catch up a little on life while thinking about my next book. And what marketing I'll do with the one I've just finished.

Jackie King said...

I love brainstorming for a new book. Everything changes as the story begins to form in my mind, but it's a favorite part of writing for me.

June Shaw said...

Jackie, do you spend a lot of time deciding on a new story? Do you take written notes or just let your mind deal with them? I love to know what other authors do.