Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Left Coast Crime

by Carola

 I was lucky enough to be on a wonderful panel in Monterey, all of us with names people hesitate to speak aloud...
photo by Robin Templeton
Manors and Manners: GM Malliet (Gin), Me (CAH-rull-ah), Catriona (CatREEna) McPherson, Rhys (REES) Bowen.

It was supposed to be something about Downton Abbey, but as I've never seen the show, Catriona, as moderator, forbade everyone to mention it more than once.

I didn't go to many panels, but I had lunch with my editor, helped man the LCC 2015 booth (It's going to be in Portland next year, quite close to home) and hosted a table at the banquet. And of course I talked to dozens of people I only ever see at conferences or on Facebook.

A friend and I went to the Aquarium to see a fabulous display of jellyfish. She took lots of pics which she'll send me eventually, but these are borrowed from Wikipedia. Both were on show.
Moon jelly & sea nettle
(The Aquarium would be a great place to stage a murder!)

 Even better was a free show put on for us by a wild sea otter. We stood on the end of the pier for ages watching him dive for shellfish, then float on his back bashing them on a stone balanced on his belly until they cracked. A seagull floated in close attendance, waiting for scraps.
Sea-otter-morro-bay 13.jpgThey are adorable!!

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