Monday, April 8, 2013

Pen Names

I’m always intrigued why authors use pen names. Some take up a new name because their name is too common or too difficult to spell or pronounce. Others take a new name when they write a different type of book. This is supposedly so as not to confuse readers. Although some authors have told me their publisher has insisted on changing names for different series, I personally don’t think this is necessary. I recently received a business card from a fellow author with three names on it. Readers are smart and can appreciate that authors have many writing ideas they want to pursue. Look at the successful adult writers who have bridged into young adult literature without changing their names. I’m about to find out if writing different types of novels and keeping the same name helps or hurts. I’ve been known for the last six years at the geezer-lit guy with my geezer-lit mysteries. Now that I’m branching out into paranormal mysteries as well, I’m keeping my same name. What do you think about an author having different pen names?

Mike Befeler

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