Monday, February 25, 2013

Volunteer Activity

Since I write mysteries about older characters, I’ve become involved in volunteer activity in support of the older population. This includes being co-chair for my county Aging Advisory Council and being a respite assistant. Our county provides excellent services for seniors but we are all concerned that if sequestration occurs, funds for senior services will be cut. Now I’m a fiscal conservative, but a social liberal and believe we need to spend money to assist those less fortunate through programs such as Medicaid. I’ve been concerned that our polarized political climate will impact people who are struggling to get by. I saw an article in the newspaper that the Republican governor of Ohio, John Kasich supports increasing Medicaid for vulnerable people in his state. Part of his rationale is that, as a Christian, he supports this as the right thing to do. I was pleasantly surprised to read this report. I’ve been amazed at so many people on the Christian right who proclaim their faith, but oppose spending money on programs such as Medicaid. It strikes me that they seem to have lost the message of Jesus telling people to help those less fortunate. 

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