Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Valley of the Shadow: out at last

by Carola Dunn

The Valley of the Shadow, my third Cornish Mystery, is out at last.

I'm happy to say that it was picked up from the Indie Next booksellers list by USA TODAY, and is one of their BOOKS: NEW AND NOTABLE.

Lifeboat--the book is full of them!

Besides several signings, I've been doing a bunch of guest blogs. Don't be alarmed--none of them is very long. Here are some links:

Two excerpts from the book

A chatty letter from Eleanor

A "cozy" writer's dilemma:

Here's one about dogs in my books:

And one I wrote for Seattle Mystery Bookshop

Handicrafts in my mysteries? I didn't think so, until I started looking, for Lois Winston's craft blog:

The Valley of the Shadow is available from all booksellers and ebook sellers. Support your local independent bookseller!

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Jaden Terrell said...

Congratulations, Carola. You amaze me--so prolific.