Thursday, November 15, 2012

Anthology Submission: Cold War Short Stories

I just discovered the press release for the 2014 Mystery Writers of America short story anthology. I found it, oddly enough, not on the MWA site, but on the Bond Books site. It makes sense, since it's being edited by two James Bond authors, Jeffery Deaver and Raymond Benson.  The anthology is supposed to be called, ICE COLD: Tales of Mystery and Intrigue from the Cold War and is scheduled for release in 2014. I don't have the submission details yet, but I'll track them down and add them as soon as I can find them. In the meantime, those of you like Chester, who write Cold War novels might want to start churning out some ideas. Here's the press release:

The Publications Committee of Mystery Writers of America is delighted to invite our members to submit original short stories for the next MWA anthology to be published in 2014. We are very pleased to announce that this new anthology of original short stories will be co-edited by Raymond Benson and Jeffery Deaver. These two outstanding writers, the only two American authors of official James Bond novels, have joined forces to edit our annual anthology of original short stories. 
Centered on the Cold War, this book will let our members unleash their own interpretations of a tense and scary era in history. Raymond and Jeff will each write an original story for this exciting anthology and have invited other top MWA members to do so as well: Joseph Finder, John Lescroart, Laura Lippman, J. A. Jance, T. Jefferson Parker, Sara Paretsky, Katherine Neville, and Gayle Lynds with John Sheldon.
Ten new stories will be selected by an expert MWA panel from a pool of blind submissions by our current members. Members in any category of membership may submit stories -- you do not need to be previously published, but you must be a member in good standing (dues paid). 
Please consider joining these ten outstanding authors in this exciting venture. Stay within the theme, and send in your story by February 1st for consideration by our panel of judges. Here is the final title and theme for this thrilling project: 
Ice Cold:
Tales of Mystery and Intrigue from the Cold War
Edited by Jeffery Deaver and Raymond Benson 
“Spies. Femme fatales. Shady diplomats. Covert meetings in foreign cities. Nervous political leaders. Nuclear threats and brinksmanship. Paranoia. The Cold War had all of these and much, much more. The frigid time between 1945 and 1989 was a real-world maze of dead drops, double (and triple) agents, and clandestine meetings—and betrayals.
Sharpen your writing instruments to pen stories set during this terrifying time, when war between the superpowers was a frightening possibility that could be jump- started at the touch of a button. The Cold War background lends itself to a variety of stories—mystery, thriller, pulp, noir—each one highlighting the danger and fear that stalked secret agents, reporters, or even everyday citizens. So flip up the collar on your trench coat, and make sure you aren’t being followed as you step into the shadowy world of the Cold War.”
It's always been one of my goals to be in a Mystery Writers of America anthology. I don't know if this one is my forte, but it's always good to stretch your writing wings. Time to brainstorm!

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