Friday, April 29, 2011

Murder on the Interstate Virtual Tour

by Jean Henry Mead

We just ended a great two-week RV vacation and are holed up six hours from home to wait out a late spring storm. My latest release, Murder on the Interstate, is due out tomorrow and I have two virtual book tours planned starting May 2 and ending August 14. I still have four articles to write and lots of packing and moving to do before the end of May because our house finally sold. By then I'll need another vacation.

I'm fortunate to have 33 hosts for my first tour, which runs through May 27. The second tour begins May 23 and is comprised of 13 authors who feature each another at their own sites for a week until August 14. It's a lot of work writing the blog articles and submitting to interviews, but it's also fun to connect with my readers.

I'll be giving away three copies of Murder on the Interstate in a drawing from among visitors to the sites who leave comments. So, if you're interested in a humorous mystery-suspense series featuring two 60-year-old feisty women sleuths traveling the country in their motorhome and discovering murder victims, stop by and leave a comment at the following sites:

May 2nd:
May 3rd:
May 4th:
May 5th:
May 6th:
May 9th:
May 10th:
May 11th:

And many more.

My complete blog book schedule is available at:


Mark W. Danielson said...

I look forward to reading it, Jean. Good luck with the book. Maybe I should do one about murder on a paddlewheeler:) (I'm sure it's happened.)

Ben Small said...

You go, girl!

Jean Henry Mead said...

Thanks, Guys! I'm lucky to have received a blurb for the book from Carolyn Hart.

Mark, if you write Murder on the Paddlewheeler, I'll read it. :)

And, Ben, you're mentioned in the acknowledgements along with Bill Kirton.

Ben Small said...

Uh oh. There you go, more suspense. thrills and chills. I'd best sit down... :)

Magento themes said...

I am eagerly waiting for this.I just love to read books with suspense.Looking forward to get it.All the Best.

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Jean Henry Mead said...

Thank you, Magento. The suspense is balanced with humor and light romance as well as a lot of research.

Jean Henry Mead said...

Ben, you make me laugh. :)